Guardianship Administration

Florida Guardianship Administration Ensures That Your Loved One is Well Provided For

When your loved one is unable to provide for him or herself due to age, incapacity, or infirmity, the court appoints a guardian to make financial and personal decisions that will be in the person’s best interests. A guardian is often responsible for providing personal care and protecting the financial assets of their charge. Because appointing a guardian is a legally and financially complicated manner, a  lawyer who is experienced in guardianship administration can guide you through the many details and handle your loved one’s finances as you go through the process.

Many times, guardianship revolves around minors under the age of 18. Because a minor is not legally permitted to manage property, a guardian is financially responsible if the child receives inheritance, an insurance settlement, or money from a lawsuit in excess of $15,000. The guardian may invest the funds and is required to make an annual report to the court regarding the status of those investments. Usually, a guardian is also responsible for a child’s daily needs, education, and medical care.

Our Florida Guardianship Attorneys Will Walk With You Through Each Step of the Guardianship Administration Process

Whether you are seeking guardianship of an infirm relative, a handicapped individual, or a minor, the process is a complicated one, involving multiple hearings and financial responsibilities. The experienced Florida guardianship attorneys at Wintter & Associates can help you with all aspects of guardianship administration. We will help you petition the court for guardianship or temporary emergency guardianship, and we will attend all court hearings, including incapacity hearings. When you seek guardianship, you take on a great deal of personal responsibility, and the financial side of the process can be a huge undertaking in and of itself. Our Florida guardianship administration lawyers can help you through this process by creating an inventory of assets, putting money in a restricted depository, managing assets, establishing a monthly budget for the person being cared for, assisting with taxes, and doing all accounting during the procedure and in the years following. In all things, the goal of our legal team is to ensure that the incapacitated person is well-provided for and that the guardian fulfills all personal, financial, and legal duties.

Guardianship Situations are Difficult: Wintter & Associates Provides Compassionate Guidance and Expertise

Our South Florida guardianship lawyers understand that seeking guardianship can be an emotional process, especially if your loved one is suffering mentally or physically. Not only can our guardianship attorneys help with legal and financial matters, we are also qualified to help you make decisions regarding your loved one’s personal, social, and medical needs – everything you need to provide the best possible care. We can help you find a place for your loved one to live and guide you in making decisions about their medical care. Family members are often spread apart in distance, and moving your loved one may be impractical. We can help you provide care from a distance, finding caregivers and medical teams who can assist your family member, even if a legal guardianship is not required.

Because guardianship is so personally, legally, and financially complicated, it is easy to miss details or make harmful mistakes. The guardianship administration attorneys at Wintter & Associates, P.A. can guide you through guardianship administration while avoiding errors and providing the best possible care for your loved one.

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