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Florida Guardianship Litigation Upholds the Best Interests of Those Who Are Vulnerable

When establishing guardianship, the court attempts to make a decision that is in the best interests of an elderly or incapacitated adult by placing them in the care of a loving, responsible, and financially capable relative or loved one. However, even the most carefully arranged guardianships can be contested, often by other family members who believe the ward’s best interests are not being properly attended to. Guardianships are often challenged because of allegations of physical, mental, or financial abuse. If you and your family are undergoing such a dispute, it is imperative to seek out the counsel of a guardianship lawyer who can help the court determine the best interests of the ward and recover any financial losses from negligent or dishonest guardians.

End Financial Exploitation of Your Elderly Loved One with the Help of Our Florida Guardianship Litigation Lawyers 

An allegation of financial exploitation is one of the most common reasons for a guardianship dispute. Sometimes, financial exploitation can be committed by a stranger such as a salesperson, workman, or someone representing a false charity. Sadly, financial exploitation is more commonly committed by someone who is known and trusted by the victim, such as a family member, caregiver, or someone with the power of attorney. Instances of financial exploitation include:

  • Changing a will or trust for the exploiter’s benefit
  • Stealing money or property
  • Selling property
  • Changing the name on property titles

If your loved one has been the victim of financial exploitation, contact a guardianship attorney immediately. A guardianship lawyer will immediately set out to recover your loved one’s losses and bring to justice those who are guilty of exploitation.

Christopher Q. Wintter is an Experienced Florida Guardianship Lawyer

If your loved one has suffered at the hands of someone they trust, you naturally want to find the best legal counsel available. Unfortunately, when you live in Florida, finding a qualified guardianship attorney can be tough, since not many lawyers are experienced with this complex form of law. Christopher Q. Wintter, Esq. has been working exclusively with guardianships, wills, trusts, and estates for many years. He also has amassed years of experience in court and holds the AV Preeminent Rating with LexisNexis Martindale Hubell, the highest recognition for ethical standards and courtroom ability. Whether you are a guardian who is being unfairly challenged or you believe your loved one is being harmed by caregivers, you can rely on the drive, knowledge, and compassion of Wintter & Associates to secure the best interests of all vulnerable adults.

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